• Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the difference between taekwondo and karate?

      Taekwondo is Korean in origin, while karate is either Japanese or okinawan in origin. Taekwondo has been highly influenced by karate. Taekwondo uses most of the same hand techniques as karate but emphasizes the kicks more. Taekwondo is well known for its flashy, high, aerial and/or spinning kicks. However, all martial arts have benefits. Taekwondo styles can also vary from school to school. While most taekwondo school teach the olympic style, Cho's Taekwondo teaches a more traditional style which emphasizes self defense.  We believe that it is more important to be comfortable with the academy's overall goals, the instructor's teaching skills, and the learning atmosphere than to choose a school based only on the style of martial art, the location, or the price.

    • How old do you have to be to train in Taekwondo?

      We train students as young as 4 years old. You are never too old to start taekwondo, as long as you do not have existing health problems.

    • Does martial arts training make a child aggressive?

      We teach a practical, responsible self defense program. Children learn that martial arts is not about violence but about developing skills they can use safely in a tough situation. Any aggression the child brings in to the program usually disappears with continued training and support. Also, we recite the Student Creed and the Five Tenets in every class and discuss their meanings and applications. We believe that without its philosophical teachings, martial arts would be nothing more than just organized fighting. Therefore, our philosophical curriculum is vital to increase self-esteem and confidence. 

    • How are classes conducted?

      At Cho's Taekwondo, students progress through a specially designed curriculum for their age and rank. In each class, students will work through stretches, calisthenics, practical self defense techniques and criteria for their belt rank in an atmosphere that is extremely supportive and motivates each student to perform and strive for his or her personal best

    • Do you offer family discounts?

      Yes, the first family member will pay full tuition, the second and third family member is discounted. We believe, that a family that kicks together, sticks together. Call for more information on our family plans.